Those annoying things that slow me down – Audio

I went to the Post Office the other day to ship some books. I had about 20 large, padded envelopes, each going to different locations. As each envelope was being weighed and stamped, I noticed how embarrassed I felt about making all those other people in line wait for so long. Yes, I was that guy who makes everyone else wait in line!

One guy shifted back and forth repeatedly, looking at his watch as if that would make the line move faster. From the glare on one woman’s face I could almost see her blood pressure rising. But one man smiled at me and just stood there looking calm and collected. He certainly made me feel better.

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Successfully Managing The Stress of Change – Audio


If you came to this page after reading Chapter 1: It’s a Miracle! from Find the Upside of the Down Times, I appreciate this opportunity to share more before you go on to Chapter 2: Turn a Worry Into a Goal.

The audio recording is available below (click on title to view complete post). It is a full, 75 minute live presentation I gave on Successfully Managing The Stress of Change to an annual association meeting some years ago. It expands on many topics covered in the first chapter, including my shooting story as well as more depth in applying the Speed Through Stress 5 step Stress Management Response© (Breathe Deeply, Relax Completely, Reassure Yourself, Think Positively and Smile at the Humor).  There are also lots of insights in this presentation not presented anywhere in the book.

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Ride Out The Down Times…In 5 Steps.

Everyone has down times. Things don’t always go the way we want. Promising opportunities fizzle and die. Things change. That’s life, “sometimes you’re high in April, shot down in May.”, as Frank Sinatra sang.

Everything also has seasons. What goes up must come down; that’s gravity. What is expanding will eventually contract, and what is contracting will eventually expand; that’s physics. (Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment, Thaddeus Golas). “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven”; that’s the King James Bible (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

So, what is the trick to ride out the down, restricting, fizzling and dying phases of the cycle of life, so that we are poised to capitalize on the good times, when they return?

The first step is to accept that things won’t always be up. It’s just not natural, so don’t fight it. Will Rogers said, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” If circumstances are down, then feeling miserable about it will just keep digging the hole deeper.
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Book Reviews by Others

Both Internet Blog Reviews and Pre-Publish Reviews are listed here.

Internet Blog Reviews:

Ruth Hill • December, 2011 on My Devotional Thoughts “This book has to be the best self-help book I have ever read….  I honestly don’t know where to begin to sing its praises, and I doubt my review will do it justice.  But I will attempt to review this phenomenal, potentially life-changing book….” (to read full review click here.)

Rakubar • November, 2011 on MS World  ” This is a very good, practical and down to earth book to help you really learn how to have a positive attitude regardless of your circumstances. And it serves as a reminder that….”   (to read full review click here.)

Karen Bell • October, 2011 “… I rarely review books on my blog but something told me that this book was a winner… (to read full review click here.)

Lucile Zimmerman • October 2011 “Rob Pennington is the perfect person to write this book. He survived a firing, a shooting, an IRS audit, and the illness and death of his spouse. Rob learned that no matter how daunting the challenge, or how overwhelming the fear, there is always a step we can take that leads to a positive outcome…” (to read full review click here.)

 Michele Bodenhiemer • September, 2011 This is a Keeper! ….once I started reading this short, extremely informative, entertaining, thought provoking and concisely written book (125 pages) I just kept going until I finished it!  I will however be re reading this book slowly again and maybe even a third or fourth time! This is a keeper!   (to read full review click here.)

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Free “Look Inside”

 Download a free Look Inside of the book’s front matter and Chapter 1 where Rob describes the dramatic experience of being shot in the center of his chest by an unknown assailant.

Chapter One:     It’s A Miracle!

The reader experiences the true story of Rob Pennington being shot in the center of his chest with a .38 caliber bullet by an unknown assailant!  But they see it through Rob’s eyes with humor and a sense of wonder.  Because he is a professional speaker Rob realizes at the moment he is shot that he is in the middle of one of those dramatic events that make for a great story.   He begins to notice the most intriguing and curious moments that allow these negative circumstances to become the most entertaining and memorable experiences.  By the end of the chapter he realizes that he has only been able to handle this “graduate school lesson of life” with a positive frame of mind because of the habits he had build by dealing with the “elementary school lessons” in day to day living.

The chapter concludes with suggestions to help the reader develop this positive frame of mind by proactively using the many small moments throughout the day when we are forced to pause or slow down because something gets in our way.

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RI Articles

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