Relationships – Don’t Go to War Over a Preference! (Video)

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My second wife threatened to divorce me.
It was one of the best things that ever happened in our relationship
– but not for why you think!


In the 7th chapter of my book, Find the Upside of the Down Times, I talk about relationships, particularly with my wife Clair who passed away some years ago (that’s chapter 8!) Anyway, early in our relationship, Clair started to notice little things I did that made her uncomfortable. Well, they seemed like little things to me!

Here is one example. I would usually get up first in the morning to take a shower. I would turn on the water, push a button to get the water to flow up to the shower nozzle, let it run until it got hot, and hold my hand in the water until it was the right temperature. Then I would get in, take my shower, and turn the water off.
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6 Steps To Build A Positive Habit (Audio)

by Dr Rob Pennington

When I first began attending seminars and workshops for my own personal and professional growth, I would become so inspired to make a positive difference in my life. I just knew when I got home I would immediately put into practice all the powerful tools and techniques I was learning. At least that’s what I thought at the seminar

But then… about a month later… I would often find my self thinking, “What was that thing from that seminar I was going to do? It was so clear then, but now… I’m just not remembering,” and then I would just fall back into my old habits.

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