Radio Interviews with Dr Rob

You can listen to the following entertaining, insightful Radio Interviews conducted around the country with Dr. Rob Pennington.

NPR’s Lisa Davis on  It’ (Boston)


CBS Radio Saturday Night with Esme Murphy (Minneapolis) “Emotional Intelligence: Being Nice is More Successful Than Being Smart!”


Kacey on the Radio  Let the Light In! on WHUD-AM (New York).


KQ Morning Show on KQRS-FM (Minneapolis).



Everyday Wisdom For Families‘ Josh Peterson on Blog Talk Radio: “4 Steps to Transfer Responsibility to Your Children”  


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Turn Worry Into Its Positive Opposite Possibility – A Goal! (audio recording at end)

In the book, Find The Upside of the Down Times, I write about a time when I had a $36,000 hospital bill with no insurance and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to pay it. This occurred right after I had been shot in the chest, so I was convalescing at home, not able to work. I’m self-employed, so if I’m not working I don’t generate income.

All I could see was a future of going deeper in debt and never being able to get out. This was not the goal I wanted to achieve. But I couldn’t imagine how to fix it and so I couldn’t stop worrying. Does this all sound a little familiar? I bet we’ve all felt this way at some time. Perhaps you might even feel this way right now!
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Relationships – Don’t Go to War Over a Preference! (Video)

Relationships Advice

Successful Relationships

My second wife threatened to divorce me.
It was one of the best things that ever happened in our relationship
– but not for why you think!


In the 7th chapter of my book, Find the Upside of the Down Times, I talk about relationships, particularly with my wife Clair who passed away some years ago (that’s chapter 8!) Anyway, early in our relationship, Clair started to notice little things I did that made her uncomfortable. Well, they seemed like little things to me!

Here is one example. I would usually get up first in the morning to take a shower. I would turn on the water, push a button to get the water to flow up to the shower nozzle, let it run until it got hot, and hold my hand in the water until it was the right temperature. Then I would get in, take my shower, and turn the water off.
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Successfully Managing The Stress of Change – Audio


If you came to this page after reading Chapter 1: It’s a Miracle! from Find the Upside of the Down Times, I appreciate this opportunity to share more before you go on to Chapter 2: Turn a Worry Into a Goal.

The audio recording is available below (click on title to view complete post). It is a full, 75 minute live presentation I gave on Successfully Managing The Stress of Change to an annual association meeting some years ago. It expands on many topics covered in the first chapter, including my shooting story as well as more depth in applying the Speed Through Stress 5 step Stress Management Response© (Breathe Deeply, Relax Completely, Reassure Yourself, Think Positively and Smile at the Humor).  There are also lots of insights in this presentation not presented anywhere in the book.

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RI Web Based Trainings

Experiences That Make a Difference!

The following links take you to information about RI’s insightful web based trainings designed in a simple manner to function on any system no matter how limited the bandwidth.  Users are introduced to fundamental concepts contained in RI’s flag ship programs – Successfully Managing the Stress of Change and Successful Work Relationships.

   RI’s Web Based Trainings 
Successfully Managing the Stress of Change
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High Impact Communication
(3 modules on reducing the resistance in others to your ideas)

RI Articles

RI Articles

Each of the following links takes you to one of RI’s articles which you can download for free. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Understanding Emotions

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Maximize Team Productivity: A Leader’s Responsibility

Award Winning Book: Find the Upside of the Down Times

“I was shot in the center of my chest by an unknown assailant.  It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

In Find the Upside of the Down Times Rob Pennington,PhD, shares his own very personal and honest account of some of the biggest challenges life can throw at anyone. He empowers readers with true stories, inspiring insights and practical tools to help turn their own negative experiences into positive opportunities.

Winner of two USA Best Books 2011 Finalist Awards for both: Best New Non-Fiction and Best Self-Help: General; and

One Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner: Self-Help

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