If you came to this page after reading Chapter 1: It’s a Miracle! from Find the Upside of the Down Times, I appreciate this opportunity to share more before you go on to Chapter 2: Turn a Worry Into a Goal.

The audio recording is available below (click on title to view complete post). It is a full, 75 minute live presentation I gave on Successfully Managing The Stress of Change to an annual association meeting some years ago. It expands on many topics covered in the first chapter, including my shooting story as well as more depth in applying the Speed Through Stress 5 step Stress Management Response© (Breathe Deeply, Relax Completely, Reassure Yourself, Think Positively and Smile at the Humor).  There are also lots of insights in this presentation not presented anywhere in the book.

For instance, I talk about our Cycle of Creativity© model and explain how our logo, The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, can be used to remind all of us that even though life has lots of twists and turns, a secret to success is to keep taking steps towards your goal.

You can download a one page (PDF) handout that I reference during this presentation.  Information about The Coping and Stress Profile a popular self-assessment we use in our multi-day training programs is also available.  If you would like to take this profile online, or make it available for your work group, please send us an email and we’ll send you information on how.

Repetition is a powerful way to integrate new ideas.  If you like what you hear in this presentation, I encourage you to listen to it 7 or 8 times. I guarantee you will hear things on the 8th time that you will swear you had not heard before. Options exist below to share this presentation with others. Please do.

I have been very blessed to have known many special teachers whose insights and wisdom have made a significant difference in my life. I am grateful for this opportunity to share what I’ve learned from them and the School of Hard Knocks with you.

I am certain you have many similar experiences of how you have found the upside in your down times.  Please send me an email with your own stories, leave a comment below and subscribe to this blog so you can receive more as soon as it is available.

Successfully Managing The Stress of Change
with Dr Rob Pennington