Download a free Look Inside of the book’s front matter and Chapter 1 where Rob describes the dramatic experience of being shot in the center of his chest by an unknown assailant.

Chapter One:     It’s A Miracle!

The reader experiences the true story of Rob Pennington being shot in the center of his chest with a .38 caliber bullet by an unknown assailant!  But they see it through Rob’s eyes with humor and a sense of wonder.  Because he is a professional speaker Rob realizes at the moment he is shot that he is in the middle of one of those dramatic events that make for a great story.   He begins to notice the most intriguing and curious moments that allow these negative circumstances to become the most entertaining and memorable experiences.  By the end of the chapter he realizes that he has only been able to handle this “graduate school lesson of life” with a positive frame of mind because of the habits he had build by dealing with the “elementary school lessons” in day to day living.

The chapter concludes with suggestions to help the reader develop this positive frame of mind by proactively using the many small moments throughout the day when we are forced to pause or slow down because something gets in our way.