The Center for Disease Control says 65% of your audience will die from a preventable illness. Let’s do segments for your show that save lives, marriages & careers!

I’m psychologist Dr. Rob Pennington, “The Upside Down Doctor.” I am an award winning speaker, trainer, author and former TV show host who helps audiences find the Upside of their Down Times. Increased relatability comes from my having been shot in the center of my chest by an unknown assailant, fired, divorced, audited, and widowed after caring for my lovely wife of 30 years with multiple sclerosis.

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Save Your Life – Stop Stress as it Happens! – Your audience will learn to Speed Through Stress faster – in 5 steps, in 15 seconds (Breathe, Relax, Reassure Yourself, Think Positive, and Look for the Humor).

Eliminate 90% of Conflict in Your Relationships – 3 questions that can turn misunderstandings into agreements and help couples turn hate into love!

Computers Help Bullies Confront Themselves’s 20 minute computer program got 80% of disciplined teenagers to admit it was their fault and offer to make amends. Both of which are miraculous!

But that’s just a few of the many story ideas I have that will entertain, inspire and transform your audience through the application of simple, immediately applicable steps I’ve developed working with tens of thousands of people in many countries over 30 years.

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Watch a 5 min clip from TV interview on Rick Gillis’ Get A Job.

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