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Find the Upside of the Down Times:
How To Turn Your Worst Experiences Into Your Best Opportunities

  • Two USA Best Books Finalist Awards in both “Best New Non-Fiction” and “Best Self-Help: General”.

  • NABE’s Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner: Self Help

  • Communications Magazine Selection Award

  • Conversations Live! “25 Books Every Man Should Read”

Cyrus Webb, Host of Conversations Live! recommends Rob’s book.



Rob Pennington, PhD, shares his own very personal and honest account of some of the biggest challenges life can throw at anyone. He empowers readers with true stories, inspiring insights and practical tools to help turn their own negative experiences into positive opportunities.

Stepping beyond the initial shock and emotional roller coaster of each trial he faced, Dr. Pennington credits faith and support from others. “I discovered strengths I did not know I had and might not have found, had it not been for the challenge,” says Dr. Pennington. “I learned how to turn the worst things that happen to me into the best opportunities I have.”

This book is not about theory, but the very real blessings that can be found by anyone in the difficulties of day-to-day life. At the end of each chapter, Dr. Pennington shares specific activities he learned that can assist readers to turn their own struggles into stepping-stones that can lead to an upside of personal and professional growth.

With wit and tenderness, with vulnerability and candor, the reader is taken on a journey through many aspects of life, from career and finances to relationships, education, and health. And when tragedy strikes, Dr. Pennington demonstrates through his own humanity that even though we all have difficult times, we also have the ability to rise above them.

When the times start to drag you down … Rob’s real world examples show that you can still:

  • Turn your worries into positive action plans

  • Turn your fears into opportunities for hope and for help

  • Turn your life into something better than you thought possible


Digital Audio Downloads – $12.95 each (or the whole set of 8 for $79.95 a savings of $33.65)

Successfully Managing the Stress of Change
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Learn how to recognize the early warning signs of stress and turn your Automatic Stress Reaction© into the pro-active Stress Management Response©.

Balanced Relaxation
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Practice a step-by-step process that trains your muscles to relax deliberately, and uses deep breathing to establish a trigger mechanism profound relaxation.

Projecting a Positive Into The Unknown
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Recognize and move through your habit of projecting a negative into the unknown.
Specific steps are presented for turning a negative assumption you don’t want to become true
into a positive expectation you are willing to begin to believe could become true.

Turning Worries Into Action Plans
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Rob walks you through a step by step technique to overcome The Bag Person Syndrome© and turn your worries into goal oriented action plans.

The Martial Art of Communication
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The Martial Art of Communication© is a unique approach to resolving conflicts and misunderstandings by reducing people’s resistance to your point of view. Using principles of the martial arts that turn conflict into success, four simple and practical models give you leverage to motivate and influence others with sensitivity and firmness.

Giving Constructive Feedback And Criticism
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Learn to use The Five Levels of Communication© as an active listening tool to clarify “hidden meanings,” and combine it with the Three Steps of Constructive Feedback© to give clear, constructive feedback and directions.

Six Stages of Creating Supportive Agreements
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Turn transform 75% of disagreements into agreements that everyone will support in six steps.

Emotional Intelligence
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Increase your effectiveness in all areas of life by knowing and handling one’s own and other’s emotions. Learn how emotions reduce understanding, how best to influence others and practical techniques to incorporate emotions clearly and completely in communications.

Digital Audio Set
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Each of these inspiring recordings of live presentations can be downloaded for $12.95 (or the whole set of 8 for $79.95 a savings of $33.65) and listened to as many times as you want. The value you receive will increase each time you listen. Plan on 7-8 times. I know it may be hard to believe but everytime I listen to recording I have heard before, I hear things I would have sworn were not there – because I had listened to it before! But that’s what happens. A teacher once explained it to be that sometimes it requires a number of repititions for the idea to awaken in our mind. So I know you will learn something new you had not heard before – each time you listen to any recording you found valuable.

Rob’s life changes lives. Click book for more information.

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