Both Internet Blog Reviews and Pre-Publish Reviews are listed here.

Internet Blog Reviews:

Ruth Hill • December, 2011 on My Devotional Thoughts “This book has to be the best self-help book I have ever read….  I honestly don’t know where to begin to sing its praises, and I doubt my review will do it justice.  But I will attempt to review this phenomenal, potentially life-changing book….” (to read full review click here.)

Rakubar • November, 2011 on MS World  ” This is a very good, practical and down to earth book to help you really learn how to have a positive attitude regardless of your circumstances. And it serves as a reminder that….”   (to read full review click here.)

Karen Bell • October, 2011 “… I rarely review books on my blog but something told me that this book was a winner… (to read full review click here.)

Lucile Zimmerman • October 2011 “Rob Pennington is the perfect person to write this book. He survived a firing, a shooting, an IRS audit, and the illness and death of his spouse. Rob learned that no matter how daunting the challenge, or how overwhelming the fear, there is always a step we can take that leads to a positive outcome…” (to read full review click here.)

 Michele Bodenhiemer • September, 2011 This is a Keeper! ….once I started reading this short, extremely informative, entertaining, thought provoking and concisely written book (125 pages) I just kept going until I finished it!  I will however be re reading this book slowly again and maybe even a third or fourth time! This is a keeper!   (to read full review click here.)

Jerry Lopper • September, 2011 • Strategy to Deal with Stress in Bad Times and Find Opportunities  “It struck me that Find the Upside of the Down Times is a perfect complement to Kushner’s When Bad Things Happen to Good People. Rabbi Kusher provides help for those asking “Why?”, while Dr. Pennington provide help for those asking,  “What now?”    (to read full review click here.)

Jerry liked the book so much he wrote a second review:

Jerry Lopper • September, 2011 • Strategies for Stress: How to Deal with the Stress of Bad Times …”(Pennington has) taken the approach of facing life’s negative events with an approach of taking positive action to find opportunities for moving on. He reminds us of the saying, “When one door closes, another opens,” though he notes that finding the open door requires one to turn around and look for it. (to read full review click here.)

Meredith Bell • September, 2011 • Finding the Upside     “Every now and then I read a book that inspires, educates and gives practical tips I can use right away. Find the Upside of the Down Times by Dr. Rob Pennington is that kind of book. Rob has faced extreme adversity in his life and prevailed. Even when….”  (to read full review click here.)

Pre-Publication Reviews:

“For those of us blessed to know Rob, this book is the essence of his kindness and beautiful view of life. He lives his teachings… to live life miserably or to engage life’s challenge to live happily, no matter what life tosses your way!

Doreen James Wise, RN, EdD, CEO, Medical Research Associates

“I loved the realness, openness, and vulnerability in all your stories, lessons learned and activities. I cried. I feel abundantly blessed and fortunate for the gift of your wonderful book!      

Jana Mullins, MA, author of Open Hands: Lessons on Giving and Receiving 

“By facing the deeply personal challenges in his own life, Rob learned practical tools that can make a powerful and positive difference in anyone’s life.”

Pamela R. Young, PhD, author of My Final Quit: How I Quit Smoking and Broke a 40-Year Addiction

“Rob does an awesome job sharing his own life experiences as learning tools for how to deal with life’s unexpected challenges. His ideas are inspiring and life-changing as you integrate the information into your own life through his stories and activities.”

Donna Fisher, CSP, author of People Power, Power Networking, Professional Networking for Dummies, and Switched-On-Networking

 “People who are looking for a way to feel better about their circumstances will gather reassurance from reading Rob’s book, and people who are willing to do the work to build a more enlightened way of living will find it to be a superb operator’s manual.”

Jim Nourse, PhD, LAc, psychologist & author of Simple Spirituality, Finding Your Own Way

“Rob’s book is an extraordinary thing. Americans don’t do serenity, especially not Americans who offer to help with business challenges. But that’s what Rob does, and he shares his own biggest real-life challenges with humor and with honesty, and puts the tools in your hands while he does it. Business, life, loves, and spirit – it’s all here, and I have never seen them so winningly combined.”

David Berry, Psychologist and Teacher

“As Rob so openly shares his heartfelt story of struggle, compassion and resilience, we travel alongside him with both laughter and tears, learning that we, too, can transform any challenge into a gift.”

Mary Elizabeth Marlow, author of Jumping Mouse: A Story about Inner Trust

“This gem of a book shows you how to find the sunshine after life’s storms. Buy it, read it, and you’ll be glad you did.”

Ruben Gonzalez – Olympian, keynote speaker, and author of The Courage to Succeed: Success Secrets of an Unlikely Three-time Olympian

“We all can learn how to move beyond challenging life experiences. Rob shows that with an open heart we can meet with acceptance all that life brings us. The exercises at the end of each chapter of his new book make this powerful message personal to our own lives.”

Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed. author of The Harrill Solution: Secrets of Successful Relationships Revealed.

“This is book is the ultimate example of the ability of a person to turn lemons into lemonade. Besides giving you his own experiences, Rob points the way for you to be able to take a second look at the ‘negative’ experiences that happen to you, learn from them and turn them around. And he does it all in a humorous way. Thank you, Rob for a wonderful book!

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, author of Managing Your Stress in Difficult Times: Succeeding in Times of Change and Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success.

“Love your book. Gil Rendle says, ‘New sciences talk of chaos as order not yet discovered.’ I see your book as a living proof of that statement. Out of the seeming chaos of one’s life your book can be a guide to aid the reader to move through life without fear. You equip the reader with an understanding that change and chaos are very possibly real world and even spiritual opportunities. People today are in need of such help. Your book provides that help to anyone wanting relevant meaning in their life journey. Bravo!”

Dr. Jerry Pennington, East District Superintendent, United Methodist Church,  Texas Conference 

Dr. Pennington’s experiences are real, personal, soul-searching, almost despairing at times, but never, ever – not once – did he fall – neither did he fail. This book is a “book for the times” as we all are falling prey to bad economical times, natural earthly catastrophes, and many wars on many continents all at the same time. Rob’s life “storms” are stories of courage, faith and miracles. You will be inspired to look up and see the sun and not the clouds and as Henry Ford said, character is built by setbacks and grief that keep us moving forward. This is an important and vital book for this generation and beyond.”

Julia Carroll, Author, NU-REIKI ONENESS

“I enjoyed this book tremendously.  It grabbed me from the first chapter and got me to think in ways that have changed my life for the better.  We all have different sides of life that we have to deal with, whether having a illness, being a caregiver, or a spouse or corporate employee.  Your book touches others in all these areas because you share so many different sides of yourself.   I know your book will be a great help to a lot of people.  My husband’s got to read this.”

Paula Joiner, Editor of the MS Lone Star Classifieds