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Everyone has challenges. But during COVID isolation our challenges have become greater, making it difficult to be as focused, productive and successful. Learning to recognize your stress quicker, and move through it faster, is key to turning your worst challenges into your best opportunities.

Dr. Rob knows about challenges. He has been fired, divorced and remarried with teen-aged step daughters, self-employed in a highly competitive business, was once shot in the center of his chest by an unknown assailant (see the video), and caregiver for his spouse of 30 years who passed away in his arms after a long illness.

In chapter 3 in his award winning, autobiographical self-help book, “Find The Upside of the Downtimes”, Dr. Rob talks about how handling his inability to pass a language requirement as an undergraduate lead him to being able to skip a Master degree and be admitted directly into a PhD program.

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Rob’s life changes lives. Click book for more information.

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